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[LCL15] Droict – Kuiper Belt


[LCL15] Droict – Kuiper Belt

Kuiper Belt is a massive local techno release where aficionados can find anything through sounds past moods of vivid chemical induced climaxes and bliss.
Using a sonic arsenal emotionally filtered by the idealistic but primitive clubbing of late ’90s, Droict creates a powerful sound, with dark traces, sometimes dysfunctional and dissonant, yet playful, warm and melodic.
Each track features a hypnotic corpus of melodic hooks, deconstructed beats and processed to death beautiful samples. The rhythmic structure is made out of ready to use sample carefully chosen from the huge free global dj tool resources.
While every part of a track constantly moves forward, the sounds cross each other at the same time, following strange cycles, suddenly creating memorable moments.
The album title refers to the circumstellar disc made out of small volatile bodies remnants from the Solar System’s format – a solar garbage beyond planets.
It’s not clear for whom this album was made or in which places should be best played, but if these people and places exists, one must discover them. Or maybe it’s just for the club in one’s head.
Forward to techno.

Droict is the project of electronic music blog boingbumchak.ro

Artwork & Graphic Design by Bogdan Lupescu
Master by Alien Pimp
Provoked by Grolsch