Local Records


Welcome to The New East!


For the past couple of years, our homegrown community of electronic musicians hasn’t been shy on inspiration. Bubbling like a volcano underneath Eastern Europe’s post-communist facade, what this huge creative delivery needs is an external output for its artistic intent. With funding from the Romanian Cultural Institute and Creative Commons licensing, this needed output channel is Local Records, a promoting platform for talented, existing and future Romanian electronic musicians.

The starting landmark for electronic music in Romania was set on firm ground 15 years ago. You can still feel its echoes today bouncing from club to club and seaside festival to seaside festival. It was placed here by each and every one of us and its results begin to show today. We have artists and aspiring producers that deliver some of the most diverse and fresh synthetic menageries of beats and melody out there. What we need to do is show it. The time has come to shape this intent into a long lasting aesthetic – local Romanian sound. The time has come to be aware of the talents we have and showcase them across the world.

Following its launch party in June at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest Local Records will deliver a monthly stream of releases from our homegrown artists. First up is Bogdan, one of the Local Records founders, with his already released “Human Thermodynamics” EP, soon to be followed by Minus and Eusebio with a personal interpretations of childhood in audio and a holistic approach to music composition. Thanks to Creative Commons licensing, everything is downloadable for free and ready for your listening pleasure, for sampling or remixing.

Exposure will be assured in four major towns across Europe. Four parties will take place in Berlin, London, Vienna and Barcelona, each of them hosting a carefully selected Romanian line-up from the artists currently in our line-up. The exact dates and location will be announced in due time and there will be surprises at the door waiting for you – a copy of Buzz!RO 2010, a compilation featuring tracks from 12 of our artists and a free booklet detailing each artist’s activity so far in the realm of club shattering extravaganza. Information about Creative Commons licensing will also be available.

So whether you’re a nightlife veteran, an electronic music aficionado or a regular music fan, stay tuned to this blog for updates about the parties and don’t forget to also listen to our releases – they’re free to download and only a couple of clicks away. We’re not trying to impose a standard and we will not associate to one genre in particular, every one of our releases will express its author’s specific differences in style and creative attitude. Be there and enjoy their aesthetic diversity. Welcome to the new east!

Ioana M