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Minus and Bogdan, review from textura.org


Minus (the man) has been a fixture on the Romanian scene for five years and issued three EPs on the Romanian net-label Arhiva 7 before 95. So how’s it sound? Pretty great, actually, with Minus stuffing an album’s worth of ideas and imagination into eighteen minutes of hook-heavy material. Vibrant and effervescent, the five tracks cover a number of bases, including electro-pop, hip-hop, and dub—there’s even a makeover of “The Power of Love,” for those with stomachs strong enough to hear it again.

The work of Romanian producer Bogdan (one of Local Records’ founders), Human Thermodynamics is ostensibly an EP featuring four originals, but the inclusion of a bonus, forty-nine-minute mix recorded live at the Rokolectiv Festival in 2009 pushes the release towards full-length status. In simplest terms, the style is blissed-out cosmic disco, and all of the material rewards one’s attention.

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Ioana M