Local Records


Local Records Launch Party


On Friday, June 11 at 23:00, the terrace of the National Museum of Contemporary Art will host the Local Records launch party, a native electronic music label, which will promote Romanian electronic music producers and shape a local Romanian sound.

The artists that will be performing live are the ones behind the first three Local Records releases: Bogdan, Minus and Eusebio with band (Eusebio – synth/keyboards/vocoder/guitar, Warr – laptops, beats, loops and effects, Tebatman – drums and percussions, Emil Ivanescu – flute and guitar)

For the past 15 years, the Romanian electronic music scene evolved in attitude and artistic awareness. The time has come to focus on the essence of a music scene – its producers. Until now, the majority of the electronic music producers have been working by themselves and sharing their music only in small circles. The public is not aware of their existence and does not perceive them as an artistic movement of any kind. This lack of communication and perspectives (the chance to be heard by a bigger audience, to have local and international success, to be appreciated, supported and promoted) discourages any future producers that are thinking about going down this path.

Local records wants to create an artistic community of mutual interests and to discover a new Romanian sound by encouraging producers which currently don’t have the stimuli to persevere and show their true potential. Local Records is an atypical label because it does not sell music, it promotes it. We don’t work with money, we work with enthusiasm. Enter this beautiful new world in which music wants to be free and money flows through other opportunities. Today, it is important for a label to know who to make every release matter to record labels, shops, magazines, blogs, artists, critics and event organizers. We are a promoting platform.

Local Records is in affiliation with the Romanian Organization for User Rights (www.ordu.ro), an NGO that fights for free internet sharing and the use of open licensing. Local Records works under a Creative Commons license its releases are digital, for the genral public, available for download on www.localrec.ro, and available in limited hard copy for promotion.

Ioana M